Saving America From Global Governance

The 5 Year Timeline to Take Back Control

  • 2020
    COVID-19 (and Climate Change)
    COVID-19 (and Climate Change)

    When the masks went on - they came off, and what Henry Kissinger called "The New World Order" was visible Globally. The psychological operation brought about via COVID, sought the normalization (aka "The New Normal") of controlling the finest details of one's life; including ability to travel, work, and even see family, for "the greater good". These sorts of measures will be introduced in the same drastic, but more sophisticated manner via Climate Change in the run up to 2030.

  • 2022
    War, Economic Depression and Supply Chains Breakdown
    War, Economic Depression and Supply Chains Breakdown

    The chickens come home to roost... this was always the intended consequence from the Technocrats - to have a Great Reset, the old power-system must be turned off for this. The consequences of 2020> is Great Depression levels of Economic ruin, setting Nations at war with their own people - minorities (the unvaccinated) and running up increased mortality rates at record levels due to the policies, and medical responses offered (or lack thereof). The dismantling of our energy, manufacturing, agriculture and production via "Green" policies (Agenda 21) and loss of Russian & Eastern supply.

  • 2025
    We Take Back America
    We Take Back America

    No Matter the Crises: Our Mission is by 2025, to reclaim the most successful society in history. We will gut out Globalist interference within our States and be legally-free to rebuild our Agriculture, Production, Manufacturing, Energy and Creative self-sufficiency. We want an American-exit, an AMEXIT, a complete withdrawal from UNITED NATIONS Treaties (Agenda 21 & 2030) and the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset". We have begun this in Montana, but will take back control of our Nation 1 State at a time until we reach our 2025 deadline. Which is the next major milestone year in the Technocrats' framework, leading up to 2030.


America for the 21st Century

We have State Senators, State Representatives, City Councils and Legislators on board the America21 Initiative.

1. Ended Climate Membership
2. Banned Mandatory Vaccinations (incl. Private Businesses)
3. Targeting the Social Credit System, ESG, and then going for UN Agenda 2030


We will continue forward across the Nation. The real agenda for the 21st century will be set by We, the People

Learn. Share. Act.

What you are witnessing happening in America (and across the world) today is not Communism – it’s Technocracy. The Science of Social Engineering, the centralization of all systems, Science, Technology, Economics and Politics (all power & resources). All systems since the Enlightenment; Liberalism & Capitalism, Communism and Fascism are being merged into a dystopian takeover not ever possible prior to current Technology. Want to know what it looks like? See China, the world’s first open Technocracy. Where tracking “vaccine” passports are just Social Credit Systems. Don’t obey? Don’t get services and goods – or perhaps just get imprisoned for “wrongthink”. The “Pandemic” is just the battering ram to get through this new Global Governance system, which seeks to end any Individual Freedom and National Sovereignty by 2030. Technocracy will implement Global Governance via Regionalizing America under UN-controlled “Zones”, and the fundamental financial & political structure is actually under the guise of “Climate Change”. Therefore, any political action against “COVID-19” protocols is ultimately temporary, because those mandates are not only not as legally-binding, but are spearheaded by UN Agenda 21, which are UN initiatives vis-a-vis “Sustainable Development”, implemented by your city hall.
America21 seeks to end this once-and-for-all, and we’re already making progress, but we need Your help for Freedom to win.

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