We are not Victims to Tyranny – We are the Opposition

Propaganda. The Media. The Real Virus.

Since March 2020, I and a few others, saw the signs unfolding of the long-expected execution of Technocracy becoming ‘public’. At some point prior, many more than a few, expected this sort of transition to come one day. It’s present in the literature & books of many “Global Elites” such as David Rockefeller and the Rockefeller FoundationZbignew BrezinskiKlaus Schwab, and many more.

Despite seeing the signs, it was, and remains, quite a shock that our world and in-particular Western Civilization has been transformed so quickly for a flu-like virus of 99.9% survivability. But it has. Technocracy is unfolding at record pace under Agenda 21 and 2030, partly because many of the chess-pieces were in place years prior, and partly because of the mass-trance that the public is in, not unlike the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century. The initial collective trauma people were put in via the hysterical media’s fear propaganda has transformed them. That then became a global echo-chamber of hysteria, and later psychosis. As they moved from a world of order (a world they understood) into a world of disorder, a world they didn’t know if they would live or die in – they were reconditioned into a new human with new patterns of behavior and impulses. This is how malleable your brain is during trauma, it becomes infantilized, and like clay, easy to mould into something else through your seeking any authority, i.e., a parent-figure, to ‘save the day’.

You’re NOT a Victim, You’re a Freedom Fighter

The primary message I try to instill with America21’s initiative is this: You are not one of the traumatized. You are not one of the hypnotized. You are not one of the infantilized. You are a sovereign warrior for Truth, Justice and Freedom. You stand in opposition to some of the most powerful, satanic, and psychopathic people that have ever walked the earth. Yet, you are still here. Still learning, still resisting – still striving towards that dawn we all know is possible on the other side of this very dark period. That alone is remarkable. That being said, we need a mindset shift now. These are not your overlords, these are your enemies. If they could beat you they would have already. This year, you must turn knowledge-understood into knowledge-applied. Knowledge applied into your everyday reality is not only going to reinforce better thinking, but through action, it will also in a real-world sense begin peeling back this Technocratic takeover while there’s still time do so. If you don’t know where to start, start here. If you think it’s hopeless, don’t forget this is what we’ve helped get done with zero funding in just the first 6 months in Montana:

  1. End Climate Membership
  2. Ban Mandatory Vaccinations (including for private businesses)
  3. 3 County Governments Backing My Plan of Agenda 21/2030 UN-Withdrawal (Great Reset)

Key Takeaways We’ve Learned and Should Apply in 2022

So coming into nearly 2 years later, I’ve learned some key lessons I want to share about how we move forward – with pragmatism and effectiveness.

  • Focus first on galvanizing the 20% of the population that are on our side, everyone else will follow later
  • Knowledge not applied is knowledge wasted, spread the word on what we’re doing and use the Activism pdf as a launchpad to utilize the ‘awake’ in your area into action
  • At the local level where most of the Technocracy actually unfolds, there are some good political leaders who you must team-up with, find them
  • Don’t hide who you are, but forget about political differences where they aren’t linked to this Great Reset, we are in a war for the heart of humanity here, we’ll deal with the rest once we’ve won

2022 is an opportunity for a shift in how we think. That shift is, we have an opportunity through the reshaping of our Nation(s) to shape it ourselves. You are the early adopter this time, you are the revolutionaries of the 21st century. Do not waste this opportunity, our children’s future depends on it.

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    • Mitch

    • 1 year ago

    I would like to know your opinion about Donald Trump ,When he was elected President in 2016 He opened my eyes to what was really happening in this world but out nowhere he suddenly changed into a vax salesman and recently seemed to endorse the CEO’s of Johnson & Johnson now he rallys around the country endorsing political figures ….. I dont trust him !!

      • Marc Malone

      • 1 year ago

      I am always skeptical of someone who gets into a position of Presidency, but I think he did some good things. I don’t trust him post-operation Warp Speed either. That being said, we should use any tools available to dismantle the enemy’s strongholds, and that’s most useful locally.

    • Mitch Hales

    • 1 year ago

    I agree with you that here at home is the best stronghold for me. Thanks for your insight. One more question ? Have you heard of Kimberely Gougan ? She has her own Website and Sponsors United News Network and also has organized Assemblies all around the world teaching the Local people to do the same thing you are talking about , I value your insight and was wondering if you had ever visited UNN ?

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