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America21 is a pro-America, pro-Nation State and pro-personal & collective Sovereignty, non-profit group

Founded in 2021, for America for the 21st century, the antithesis of Agenda 21, the Global Governance Agenda for the 21st century launched by the UN in 1992. Since the early 1970’s, climate alarmism has been ringing the bell of the world ending – with zero evidence of it being probable. In fact, every prediction has fallen completely flat (never happened). That has not stopped global organizations, political and financial, from continuing to benefit through centralization of power, and increased corporate (open border) trade of people, goods and services.
America21 is an independent (not-for-profit) organization that is leading the charge against Globalism by reaffirming our Constitutional political system – seeking to end anti-constitutional mandates that strip us of our freedom of speech, arms, privacy & property rights – and most of all our “power to the people” republican form of government. All of which are under attack, and under total removal under the completion of the UN’s Global Governance protocol. The entire Bill of Rights would be replaced by a corporate terms & conditions (see current bans by Facebook, Google, PayPal, etc.) style representation. Arbitrarily deciding what your rights are, depending on your level of compliance.
We have 9 years until Agenda 2030, which is the major milestone year of the UN’s 21st century Agenda. Considering the revolutionary war of 1776 didn’t end with the Bill of Rights until 1789 – I’d say we don’t have a lot of time. Except this time we’re not fighting literally, yet we are fighting a more resourceful, powerful and deceptive enemy than the British Empire. This time, we’re up against the entire Global Governance structure and their One World State outcome. The good news is: we still have time. Rights don’t come from Man to be taken away, unless we allow it. They are direct from God. Providing we’re not breaking Natural Law (hurting ourselves and others) – freedom should always be our default.




Theses clarifying the presuppositions that are necessary to uphold a sovereign society.

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