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An English-born American philosopher, entrepreneur, political activist, and counter-theorist on the “science of social engineering”. Founder of America21, an anti-Globalist organization that seeks to undo UN initiatives that erode basic rights (property, privacy) and return State and National sovereignty to the people. Generally a strategic-analyst by trade, working as an Academic of the Secretary Division at University of Nottingham (#75 in the world) to Data Science, Behavior Analysis and Linguistics in the Corporate world. Studied Philosophy of Science at Oxford University.



Having raised $250,000 for charities single-handedly, he’s always been passionate about bettering those even less fortunate than he was. He moved to America in 2018 to be with his wife (a Minnesota native), both now reside in Arizona with 2 children.

Because of his background, “Englishman turned American Revolutionary Thinker”, he’s been likened to being a Thomas Paine for the 21st century.

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