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America21 Initiative: Withdrawing from Globalism

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Summary of Key Events (TL;DR)

  • COVID-19’s “new normal” (e.g. rebuilding society’s operations and model of governance) was not specific to COVID, but was actually stipulated in United Nations Agenda 21 & 2030 many years earlier
  • The Economy was the key target of COVID protocols, such as Lockdowns. A $20-30 Trillion wealth transfer took place in less than 2 years
  • The 2030 Agenda seeks to intertwine America’s Constitutional system with Global Governance, meaning Sustainable Development (control of production & consumption) will be the supreme Law of the land in thousands of municipalities & jurisdictions, ending Constitutional Rights as the primary Legal foundation
  • America21’s birth at the GOP Convention on June 18, 2021, sought the support of Montana’s political representatives to end this Unconstitutional, totalitarian project
  • We now seek a full AMEXIT for all States that oppose supranational dictates – they will have the opportunity for a full Withdrawal from Global Governance per Amendment X 

Sovereignty must be returned to the People & the States, per the Bill of Rights (X).

The Problem: Global Governance

The “Pandemic” was just the battering ram to get through furthering a Global Governance system, which seeks to end any Individual Freedom and National Sovereignty by 2030. Technocracy will implement Global Governance via Regionalizing America under “Stakeholder”
-controlled “Zones”, per UN Agenda 21’s New Urban Agenda, meaning States will cease to exist the way they do – so States Rights will cease to exist. The fundamental financial & political structure is actually under the guise of “Climate Change” and “Biodiversity”. The World Economic Forum’s template is adopted by major multinational Stakeholders such as Blackrock and Vanguard, advanced by Sustainable Development programs like Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) and “Clean Energy” Carbon Neutral

United Nations – Political

World Economic Forum – Corporate

Both are applying measures to achieve the same outcome of Agenda 21 & 2030. The Great Reset is nothing more than the Economic Marketing strategy of UN Agenda 21.  

Macro level
  • Agenda 21
    • The End of Nations (National Sovereignty)
    • The End of Free Enterprise (and Cash)
    • The End of Privacy 
    • The End of Private Property Rights
    • The End of Free Speech in the “Public-Private” sectors

Micro level

  • Agenda 2030 (how Agenda 21 is achieved)
    • Sustainable Development 
    • Carbon Neutral (Net Zero)
    • Public-Private Partnerships
    • ESG

When the above is all ‘Law’ – control of all production & consumption – Energy, Agriculture, Land, Water, Movement, Business (all via CO2 levels) and much more will be in the hands of Global Governance (UN >  NGO’s + WEF > Corporate Stakeholders).  

Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development and Carbon Neutral is already implemented in over 1000 cities across America (and the world). We only have 7 years left to reclaim States’ Sovereignty before we lose our Free civilization. 

The Solution: a Sovereign American Century

We will gut out Globalist interference within our States and be legally-free to rebuild our Agriculture, Production, Manufacturing, Energy and Creative self-sufficiency. We want an American-exit, an AMEXIT, a complete withdrawal from UNITED NATIONS Treaties (Agenda 21 & 2030) and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”. We have begun this in Montana, but will take back control of our Nation 1 State at a time until we reach our 2025 deadline. Which is the next major milestone year in the Technocrats’ framework, leading up to 2030.

  • We have a State Senator, several Congressmen/women, City Councils and Legislators who have achieved the following in the last year:

We need your support so we can target the following areas, achieving America’s Sovereignty against Global Governance. 

  • To Ban the following, re-aligning the States with the Constitution & Bill of Rights:
    • Sustainable Development 
    • Carbon Neutral (Net Zero)
    • Public-Private Partnerships (that interfere with Constitutional Rights)
    • Environmental, Social Governance (ESG)

Only a Withdrawal from Globalism – AMEXIT from Global Governance – can save America’s future. We have achieved some major milestones in just 9 months with very little Media support and no funding, proving how possible, practical and probable for success the America21 Initiative is.

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