The Talk That has Positioned MT Politics to ban The Great Reset

From Feb 18th, 2022:

Big Sky Worldview Forum, Carbon, Yellowstone, and Stillwater GOP Presented:

“What Are the Threats of Agenda 21 & Globalism to America’s Future?”

Technocracy, Prairie Reserve, Climate Change, Sustainable Development.

Part I: Agenda 21 (2030, Great Reset) is a 21st Century Tower of Babel, and The Technocrats’ in their own words

*    Introduction: Why Scripture matters + America21’s objectives.

*    Why Globalist Technocrats are building a Tower of Babel for the 21st century

*    Targeting: Why America? Why White People (Political Correctness/CRT)? Why Christianity?

*    Globalist Technocrats in their own words

*    A conceptual overview of what the Great Reset actually is

*    How a Reset = Agenda 21’s implementation

Part II: How Agenda 21/2030 is implemented across America (hint: locally) and how we can remove its influence

*    Agenda 21 introduction

*    Agenda 2030 introduction

*    Linguistics: How they use language to control legislation

*    Organization Hierarchy (Global-to-Local)

*    Political Hierarchy (2030 U.S. implementation)

*    Montana Agenda 2030 legislation

*    Political Solutions

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    • Persister

    • 5 months ago

    Keep in mind that speaking of our original Constitution of The United States for America is about LAW. Speaking of our CORPORATE LEGAL SYSTEM, within THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, is about LEGALITIES, which are unconstitutional. When The Organic Act of 1871 was implemented America was put under Admiralty “Law.” America’s three branches of government are all operating under the CORPORATE LEGAL SYSTEM. America’s government operates under THE CORPORATION, but they pretend to be operating under our original Constitution. They never speak the truth to “The Cattle,” or The Goyim.

      • Marc Malone

      • 4 months ago

      The Only Rights You Have are the Ones You’re Able to Defend.

      I agree RE: “Admiralty Law”, aware of the issue, but to truly fix the situation we have to look at it not politically but Philosophically and Sociologically. Rights are from God, not from Man (any document). The Constitution then, Natural Law, is in alignment with Supernatural Law. The Bill of Rights, not because it’s “self-evident”, it only seemed self-evident because of 15 centuries of prior Christian tradition that informs certain Philosophical Assumptions, i.e., allowed to speak the truth, innocent until proven guilty/fair trials – had codified those rights. They weren’t codified in societies that didn’t have the Greco-Roman origins (such as Islamic or Asian cultures). Those rights exist regardless of any documents. It’s the cultural power that matters, what people believe about the organizing principle, because the politics is just an expression of the lack of Will in the people. With that being said, Evil also exists, and Man has the free will to disobey that Law, and often makes that decision on the daily, èn masse.

      In this Philosophy of Sociology – any structure one is to work in only works if the group surrounding are on board the same premise, i.e., Constitution works not because it’s a magic piece of paper but because people on this land collectively agree to the Premise and therefore it works. It only ceases to work when people cease to uphold it (care about it, and defend it). The quality of the people determine the quality of the Law, this is why we are not just pro-freedom but are Nationists, aka America First. We can’t expect people, especially across a broad range of life assumptions from centuries or millennia of evolutionary strategy, to uphold our rights, they are upheld by people sharing a Premise. This is why Mass Immigration is detrimental, you’re no longer sharing the same Philo-Sociological Premise. If they don’t share it, the truth of the Law is practically null & void. We do the best we can with what we have.

      America21’s work is multi-faceted, the chipping away at Global Governance reinforces our more immediate concerns for Sovereignty, especially energy, agriculture and free enterprise (our raw survival) and a building back towards the Transcendent, in which longer term plays, such as “De-Cartel”-ing from the Private Central Banks and Legal-Corporate-Fiction can take place. The latter our lives are not dependent upon like the former.

        • Persister

        • 4 months ago

        You said: “Man has the free will to disobey that Law.” I believe that you should have said THOSE LEGALITIES.

        • Marc Malone

        • 4 months ago

        No I meant Law because I was talking about God’s Law, the only Law that actually exists, which is just what the Constitution represents on a piece of paper. The point is: The Only Rights You Have Are the Ones You’re Able to Defend. So whether it’s “Admiralty Law” or indeed actual Constitutional Law, Evil people will step over the boundary, and your rights are not kept by the magic piece of paper be it “Legal” or Lawful, or by anything other than you and your countrymen (a shared Organizing Principle amongst the population).

        • Tony Archer

        • 3 months ago

        What can I do? I want to do my part and I am wide awake, God opened my eyes the begaining of covid and I feel I’m alive at this time for a reason

        • Marc Malone

        • 3 months ago

        God opens all eyes & doors Tony. Start here: and then here:

      1. You said: “This is why Mass Immigration is detrimental, you’re no longer sharing the same Philo-Sociological Premise. If they don’t share it, the truth of the Law is practically null & void. We do the best we can with what we have.”

        Our usurpers, The Satanists of Judea who say they are Judah, control our western nations. And they have been genociding the White race since Cain murdered Abel. They hate us. It is this evil miscegenated people who have pushed immigration on our White western cultures. They do this to do what you say above. They know that bringing peoples of non-western cultures into our nations is destroying us. And as they accomplish this, they are solidifying their satanic New World Order.

        Look at what they are doing with their Graphene Oxide and nano-tech inoculations. Tests on those inoculations show that The Judeans aren’t affected like people of the White race are affected. This is a little known fact being presented by health professionals who care. And now they are telling The Sheeple that Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is a normal fact of life. People are dropping like flies and they just continue to throw out lies.

        As you say, groups like yours can turn this around. But is it too late?!

        One thing gives me peace. I may die from this tyranny, although I WILL NEVER take any of their inoculations, but I know that Yahweh Elohim clearly told His children that we will not all be destroyed. He will send His Son, Yahshua Messiah, back down to destroy Satan’s children and cast Satan into The Lake of Fire and Sulfur. And The Shabbos Goy of the world, those who support those Judeans, will also die in the fire. And Yahweh’s Israelite children will see glory in The Kingdom of Elohim.

    1. I have researched your claims for some time now and I don’t see the context of your argument. I wish it were true but the act you’re referring to did not incorporate the entirety of the United States of America and it was later repealed anyway. Not only that, but if you’re a member of the group I suspect you are, the claims they make about there being three different constitutions is an absolute lie. Get copies of them and compare and you’ll fine the language is identical in them all.

      Would love to better understand you’re point if you have written proof somewhere.

        • Persister

        • 3 weeks ago

        I guess you didn’t dig deep enough. I know that some information has been scrubbed from The Internet, but you can still find enough on our governance system being CORPORATE, and that our legal system, Black’s Law, is Admiralty Law. There are TWO constitutions. One is our original Constitution, and the other is the CORPORATE constitution. The Constitution of The United States is for all states. The CORPORATE constitution is for The District of Columbia. And with their “legal” system, instead of lawful system, they have brought most Americans under the CORPORATE umbrella. We are CITIZENS of The District of Columbia. Of course, this is all unlawful/unconstitutional.

        • Marc Malone

        • 2 weeks ago

        Good find (on the Act, Archived). Not that I don’t agree in principle, it’s just not near enough to actually survive what’s happening. There’s no changing D.C. regardless. We also have to remember that D.C. much like the Vatican and City of London are not part of the Nations they exist in. Vatican has influence over Italy but is a separate system, think that was part of the prior point. Meaning, America still very much exist simply exerting States/People’s Rights IX and X. Plus, under Amendment X, which we will be using to Withdraw from Global Governance, States can reject any & all Federal jurisdiction that prohibits the prior 9 Natural Rights in the Bill of Rights. The Constitution is a ‘living document’ which lawfully (yes, lawfully) can be added to with 2/3 of Congress, therefore putting it in the hands of potential Globalists (such as now). It should never be the focal point of our Rights, the Bill of Rights, codified by the Founding Fathers themselves, is the foundation of Law in the Land of America.

        All Laws on paper are just Agreements between Men anyway. What holds America together is not any paper but the Hearts & Minds of the Men & Women who still seek Sovereignty (agreed God supersedes the Featherpen Law) against a hostile Global threat. That Sovereignty will require the population to act with Agency, and it’ll require Institutional support (e.g. the remaining good States, producers/creators within, and the population on side of the Good within) to get this done. We’re not playing with a fair enemy here. They lied openly during Covid-19, they bombed Syria despite breaking Sovereignty – they simply won’t be reasoned with because of a .pdf. It can only be won with the ability to be self-sufficient to Scale and defend against Global Governance aggression (industrial & institutional support of the people’s Will).

    • Persister

    • 4 months ago

    OK. You are correct about it taking the people to obey or not to obey any legalities, or our original Constitution, which was locked away by our usurpers. Everything is up to the people. If the people reflexively obey our usurper’s dictates, all is lost. But if the people begin to awaken, and resist, there will be hope.

    I believe that things are going to get very bad, before it could get better.

  1. I just discovered your website after watching you on Leo Zagami’s show yesterday. I have been reading his Confessions of an Illuminati series recently and just also discovered his own website. I am quite impressed with the quality of your site and am excited about what you have accomplished in such a tight timeframe. Like you, I was onto their plan from the get go within weeks of the 2020 “2 weeks to flatten the curve” declaration. It is very lonely walking the path of truth and finding like-minded others nourishes one’s soul. I’m sure I’ll be back in touch as I learn more, but just wanted to let you know I’m on your side!

      • Marc Malone

      • 3 months ago

      Thanks Alice – stay in touch. I know the path can be lonely, do remember there’s many of us out here experiencing similarly, we just haven’t come together yet. I do recommend we do so in the Free States we can retain as this project moves forward.

        • Cheryl Weismantel

        • 3 months ago

        We need to pass this on to all our legislators and even to Donald trump where you can teach him at Contact Donald Trump. This is a great Next Step to Rosa Koire who travelled around the country speaking to county commissioners etc warning of sustainable development. She was a Democrat who worked in Real Estate government division, assessment etc in CA for years. Her death was unfortunate. As a digital soldier who took the citizens oath along with Michael Flynn’s family on Twitter. We’ve been spreading truth about the global reset since early 2018. Most of us, along with Trump, were censored on the battleground of Twitter around January 7, 2021. Now elderly and handicapped but this entire site needs to go on Truth Social. Censorship has prevented so much truth from emerging. Pray it ends. Blessings

        • Marc Malone

        • 3 months ago

        Yes a critical step is to share with a Republican State Senator or State Rep. (both are Legislators). This was a GOP (shared) event so should be an easy “in”.

      • Joyce Williams

      • 3 months ago

      Finally someone able to help me understand all these things. Is it possible to have a few of your charts easily assessible so that I do not have to go back through the video to find them? Well done and thank you.

        • Marc Malone

        • 3 months ago

        Thanks Joyce – you can find the overview here:

  2. I love your mission here Marc: you’re sponsoring the only appropriate action-oriented course that could ever truly save our great states from the bald faced evils of global totalitarianism. Thank you for your work and I look forward to seeing the momentum of this project grow over time.

    I came across your work on the recent Reese Report. In the video he showed a page that looked like a map showing where America 21 is localizing. I’ve tried to find it on the site but I cannot. Could you link it here please? Or if it doesn’t exist yet I think this would an effective way to help people interface the movement and help to bring it into reality. Cheers

      • mountainviewimage

      • 3 months ago

      I would also like to get in touch with others in Montana involved in this movement. I see that there are no upcoming events scheduled. Has the movement lost momentum?

        • Marc Malone

        • 3 months ago

        Nope, momentum is just getting started – we just don’t have a centralized location for you all to meet/chat yet but we’re working on it. The community at Big Sky Worldview are your best bet in MT who also are friend with the good America First GOP guys & gals.

      • Marc Malone

      • 3 months ago

      Thanks Dave. You can find the map, as well as the general overview of the whole Global-to-Local hierarchy here:

    • Barbara Hazelwood

    • 3 months ago

    I have seen a lot of the info previously but also a lot of new info. I appreciate the work you are doing & I love the way you have put everything together & explained it all in one location. I will definitely be promoting you & this site as much as possible. I will be praying that more people open their eyes to the truth of what is going on. Thank you for what you are doing & God bless you and your family

      • Marc Malone

      • 3 months ago

      Thank you Barbara

    • Dan

    • 3 months ago

    So happy to see there is finally a plan to take back this country from tyrannical oligarchs attempt to subdue good people. More proof God exists. Prayers are being answered. Already involved in local elections. Please keep me informed of addition thing I may do to help. Thank you!!!

      • Marc Malone

      • 3 months ago

      Thank you. Best thing Dan is to send & contact your own State Senator and get them to call us.

    • Barry Carraway

    • 2 months ago

    Very good info with a different analysis I have not seen before. Things I see being done by Democrats and Biden make sense after seeing this. Right now he is gearing up the SEC to require businesses to report on their climate impact and they will be given a climate score on their endeavors. And so it begins…
    You mention saving the midwest because they are more inclined to reject the climate hoax. You must realize that more than 50% of America voted for Trump. I am from the deep south although spending time in southern IL now due to grandkids. I’ve lived in California, Virginia, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Illinois. All of the red states would be on board if made aware. You can’t be everywhere, Marc. You need to spread this info then raise an army of people to go after their local county officials, then you swoop in and show this to the govenors and his folks. We can save the whole country.
    So far the Missoula presentation is the best I’ve seen on the site. Do you have another one? I could spread it around on Gab and send to Alex Jones at Infowars, etc. Then folks that see that can take it to their local officials.

  3. For years, people were ridiculed for sharing information about Agenda 21. We presented some of this information to the Georgia legislature 10 years ago. We did get the Georgia GOP to adopt a resolution against regionalism and supporting the republican form of government. Now, the last two years have brought into focus the goals of Agenda 21/2030 and an almost in your face attitude by the globalists. Very good presentation. I appreciate the biblical references that highlight our duty to stand against evil. Keep up the good work. You can find some of our work on Agenda 21 and Regionalism here: and

  4. I have already started a site where I started laying out things we absolutely need to do in order to get our country back. I agree completely with your stance and information. Is there any way to get reference material that we can use to have similar discussions with our local representatives? I appreciate you being willing to do the presentations yourself, however, we are literally running out of time and it is going to take an army to pull off what needs to be done.

    Have you considered a private forum that like minded people can have discussions on (not a chat group) in order to share successes and information? We need to be moving much much faster than we currently are.


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