How a Manufactured Series of Events Works

By Marc Malone & Tim Kay


With the Covid-hysteria winding down in some parts of the world such as the UK and Scandinavia, it is easy to believe life will return to the pre-2020 norm. But we must be aware that the ‘global elite’ technocrats do not rely on the public’s perception of a specific narrative to achieve their objectives – they can continue to manufacture consent via other narratives that achieve the same results

You’ll notice that while the Coronavirus 2020 narrative was a major catalyst into the Technocracy becoming public – the vast majority of Technocracy as a political project was done the prior 30 years under the guise of Climate Change. COVID-19 was nothing more than a public perception alarm, a paradigm shift, as 9/11 was before it. 

They will use any and all means necessary to achieve the objective: Global Governance. The weakening of Nations and elevation of the UN, Corporate Stakeholders (including the World Economic Forum), NGOs and International Finance. We’re going to discuss here a few of the most probable ways this will continue to unfold, and how the present moment, 2022, is the time to really fight back, while we have the ability, and the awareness – because Coronavirus 2020 was just the start. A key thing to highlight here is that this list does not conclude that any or all of these will definitely happen, and if they do, that it’s definitely done intentionally by the Technocrats we spotlight throughout our work. The probability they are driving events, or at least the response, is high, in light of the material covered throughout this site. But one should draw their own conclusions. 

There is no ‘return to normal’

Many look forward to a near future where COVID has ended and normal life can restart – but by this point there is no normal to return to. What needs to be widely understood is the current moment in world history: multiple civilizational cycles are coming to an end all at once. These cycles were well underway long before COVID began, and as they complete, unprecedented global instability will increase. Many commentators believe that by defeating the COVID narrative, we can thwart the global orgs driving the campaign – but it is much larger than COVID. Let’s examine some of these cycles and their implications as we look toward how upcoming crises could take shape. 

Summarizing key cycles

Decline of American empire – As American military power declines, so does its de facto global governance and the power of the dollar. Inability to police trade routes will produce a scramble by regional powers to capture them and reshape borders, resulting in a global rebalancing which could easily lead to vast economic deprivation and possibly world war.

Economic correction – The economy never recovered from 2008 and since that time, the drivers of real wealth have only continued to decline, and civilizational capital is being spent down rapidly. The can has been kicked down the road too long – we are out of road, and all the signs are there. A fragile economy dependent on hyperconsumption with nothing left to consume cannot withstand additional shocks in the form of geopolitical tensions, social unrest, and the fallout from COVID-policies. 

Demographics– The Boomer retirement looms, Millennials are insufficiently productive to substitute, and Gen Z have yet to start earning. Advances and automation will render large segments of the public unemployable. Immigration, longer lives and uneven birth rates are changing the shape of populations. Societal trust is plummeting as polarization increases. Falling average IQ, overeducation, increasing mental health challenges, indoctrination and poor socialization – human capital is depleted and the people are suffering.

Technology – Even without the planned transformation to carbon neutral economies, which even proponents admit will cause major disruption, technological cycles are being exhausted. Innovation is slowing in step with societal dysfunction, pushing away the already longer curve to the next technological revolution on the scale of steam or the transistor. Investment capital has been directed towards consumption instead of strategic tech for decades. Military hardware is on its last legs for this generation. 

The Great Cycle  – The agrarian age – characterized by the class collaboration needed for agricultural societies – is ending. As we all gravitate away from the societal compact in our own ways, the elite are as well, abandoning their 150 year project to drive most people towards the middle class. They see no reason not to re-engineer the world as they see fit and their sympathies are far removed from the masses. Previous restorations relied on another population or country capable of vying with the tyrannical force, but in a global reality there aren’t any. The future belongs only to those who can seize it. 

The problem we currently face in the 21st century is decline in a great number of areas at once, coupled with a lack of ability to respond in customary ways due to these exhausted cycles. Many of these are natural cycles which could be adapted to if not for decades of bad policy and undermining by hostile parties. We’ll later look at the ways in which this global outlook we collectively face could be capitalized on – for good or ill. For now, here are some of the events on our way.

1. Economic Depression (Inflation or Deflation?)

Many of us had said since March 2020, and this includes those who were taken in by the “Covid” narrative, that the Economic devastation caused by 2 weeks of lockdowns (laughable now) could outweigh the virus. Well, what could 2 years do? The reality is, the inflation happening would be the least of our worries if we end up going into deflation, a Depression, due to little circulation of money and lending (see Great Depression). 

We could see $35 Trillion lost in the economy once the “covid superbubble” ends, which could be why the media and some governments are beginning to shift the narrative; who wants to have their heads at the ends of the spears of your posterity when there’s no money and nothing on the shelves at the store?

Here’s some of the damage that has been done to the economy since 2020:

  • 33% GDP drop and 15% (20+ Million) unemployment
  • 27% on government income
  • Inflation rising 10-15% year-on-year
  • Estimated $20 Trillion wealth transfer from the lower/middle classes to the ‘Elites’
Poverty Universalized

“No First or Third Worlds, just One Fourth World” – said George Hunt in 92’ ahead of the signing of Agenda 21. Why was the economy always the target? It actually was the prime target of all the Covid measures, at least for 2020. Whether one likes the free market system or not, it has allowed for the independence of individuals to be less intertwined with the State. Only through poverty below, and wealth above, can you truly control Nations. This is China, and India, and coming for us (in California and New York it’s pretty close already).  

2. Global Shortages

Perhaps even more than the economics (or at least more rapidly) – what will hit people hardest will be the ever-increasing shortages alongside the (probable) economic depression. 

Long Beach, CA has had 100-200 ships not able to dock and unload throughout the last 6 months, and even though some have, it shows the chains aren’t healing due to the damage. We of course have Trucker protests (which we support in principle, of course) that will expedite shortages that were already èn route. 

Here’s what this means:

  • One major U.S. district was polled and saw a drop of 900 pallets delivered a week, to 30-40 a week. Over a 1000% reduction in goods being delivered. 
  • If there’s only 1 in 10 left of an item – prices increase dramatically, potentially 10x as much over time.
  • With low supply, there’s low income to produce more – a very vicious cycle (this is when inflation becomes deflation – Depression).
Scarcity Universalized

If people burned down streets and looted for a guy’s death, what will they do when they have to compete for household items? How will they respond when Nikes aren’t the thing that’s lacking in the store, but food is?

The Globalist Agenda has always been to decimate the living standards of the Western Middle Class, ensuring dependency on their preferred method of distribution, i.e., remove independent distribution by crippling it, leaving only their distribution left to own the Global market

3. ‘Climate Change’ Blackouts

What’s worse than Lockdowns? Blackouts. How about some Climate Power Outages? Sound unrealistic? Well it shouldn’t, because it’s already happening across America. It’s not system-wide yet, and it may not ever be, but a few major cities at a time, or large numbers of rural areas at a time (see Agenda 21) would be enough to make the issues mentioned above seem trivial. North Carolina (and South Carolina), Texas and California are just some States who’ve had “Climate” power outages. We at AM21 have mentioned all the way through (and indeed our political-advocacy work is built upon this premise) that Climate Change, not Covid, was the ultimate impetus for further erosion of our Freedoms, Nations and way of life. Interestingly, it was only through our discussion together to begin working on this Article, that we had “come up with the idea” that Climate Blackouts would be a successful psyop – and it seems right in-line with the “Academic predictions”

The “Grid is Unsustainable”

It certainly suits the Sustainable Development (Technocratic control of production & consumption) narrative for the 33% of America’s Electricity being “unclean” energy to be wiped out, doesn’t it? NGO’s & their Corporate Stakeholders have been gearing up for a change to the power grid because of “Climate Change”

4. Cyber Pandemic 

Ukraine had a National Internet Hacking recently. Technocrat-in-Chief himself Klaus Schwab, “predicted” such things as a “Cyber Pandemic” being the next big issue post-Covid. 

How would Cyber Warfare match up to the list so far, and indeed what we’ve experienced since 2020?

  • Unable to access money in the bank
  • Unable to contact people, even authorities
  • Unable to keep data secure
  • Unable to make purchases in stores
  • Also blackouts

A ‘cyber pandemic’ would be up there as one of the deadliest things on the list. Just imagine (like the Blackouts) the damage to hospitals, roads, purchasing basic goods for household needs, etc. Each one of these on the list as just a single event would be devastating – but what if they happen in conjunction or sequentially, either by natural cause & effect or design? This would certainly speed up Central Bank Digital Currencies and Mandatory Digital Identity Systems, wouldn’t it?


At the time of writing Russia is poised to invade Ukraine. As many analysts have pointed out, this could open an opportunity for China to invade Taiwan, and quite possibly, for Iran to move on Saudi Arabia. America cannot fight a war with more than one front; current NATO strategy is to sponsor a war of attrition while reserving its principle force for the East. But if American forces become necessary in both locations, it will fatally undermine its military credibility on the world stage. America could opt to withdraw from Europe, leaving Europe to rearm, but for Putin that would only turn an opportunity into an obligation to act. America cannot fight a war in Eurasia with current military technology, leaving missiles or submarines as the option. This would radically reshape world shipping. Meanwhile, depending on how things escalate, there would be nothing stopping Russia cutting undersea cables, or similar. A possible third World War would definitively change the world even more profoundly than the second, but one thing is for sure: a world in chaos drives up prices, particularly food and technology.

6. …And “Pandemic 2”

Bill Gates has been saying since 2020 that COVID-19 is “Pandemic 1” and “Pandemic 2” would follow, and would be worse.  

Recently he reiterated that this “much worse” pandemic would come. Could this be the spike protein mutation and degeneration from the injections? Either way – we all know where this leads us back to. 


While the COVID narrative may be running out of steam, it would be unwise to believe we can return to the old normal. The decline was already underway for many years, COVID merely accelerated it, and we now face a series of escalating crises. We don’t know precisely which of the scenarios listed above will come to pass, but economic woes, shortages, and social unrest are certain. We cannot rest on our laurels: now is the time to prepare, to understand that the overarching agenda will continue to be pushed in new and various guises, and do all we can to oppose it before things get any worse. Not just this or that narrative, but the spirit of them all, which will lead to a technocratic control grid micro-managing every area of you and your children’s lives – unless WE stop it.

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    • David Peterson

    • 2 years ago

    Hi Marc,
    Just listened to you on Tinfoil Hat. Great job.
    Congrats on your move to South Dakota. I moved here in 1995 and its a great state to live in. Hope you enjoy the advantages and freezing your tail off this state offers.

    • Researcher

    • 2 years ago

    I think you mean food and fuel. Food and fuel goes up during war. Nobody cares about technology except the technocracy, as a means to control, brainwash, monitor, track, thieve, poison (EMF, EMR) and exploit the masses.

    Also, the incorporated municipalities masquerading as administrations (governments), masquerading as land masses, that the citizens (slaves) reside on, aren’t elected nor are they beholden to the citizens (slaves).

    They also aren’t public institutions, but privately owned corporations, ie; legal fictions.

    Try to find out who the shareholders are of your local government (incorporated municipality). Or even your local court or local police. You won’t be able to, nor will you be allowed to see where any of your tax money goes. Not the state taxes, not the property taxes, not the federal taxes. The public doesn’t have any access to that information besides the extremely limited information released by these incorporated municipalities. Therefore, they are not public institutions. The public doesn’t own or control any shares of these incorporated municipalities posing as governments. Nor can they be audited or forensically examined by the public.

    So who are the real shareholders? They are one very large and powerful banking-merchant cartel. And since they own all the incorporated municipalities, posing as national or federal administrations – including Ukraine, US, and Russia – there’s no need for a war. Nor has there ever been.

    So what is war then? If the same cartel who own all the incorporated municipalities, which are “publicly” (in the press) posing as enemies and supposedly “warring” – when they have the same owners – what’s the purpose of war?

    It’s a way to murder civilians. To impoverish then. Terrorize them. To move them off their land so that the land can be used for resource exploitation. To racketeer using the arms and weapons trade. To pass legislation that creates more laws inhibiting movement, freedom, trade, knowledge and liberties of the public. To make the citizenry believe their “government” (incorporated municipality) is protecting them, when they are in fact, doing the opposite.

    Once you are told the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you can no longer claim wilful ignorance.

      • Marc Malone

      • 2 years ago

      We covered shortages of all kinds at length in the Article, no need to reiterate under the fifth category. I have known for a decade about “the strawman”, the public vs private bifurcation, etc.

      You used your strawman-ID to purchase the device you’re using, with fiat money, with the protections of borders and complex systems, electrical grids and social dynamics of an orderly & moral people that allowed your society to exist with freedom, because of Christian-European presuppositions and evolutionary group strategy. That’s the real world. I’m afraid the reductionist method, i.e., “this is the only way the system works because that’s how I see it” you’re using to encapsulate such a position of a people & nation… is tenuous at best.

      I did an interview with Ingri Cassel some months ago who is very much into the world of the “Sovereign Citizen”, I recommend listening. I explain that pragmatism wins out in the conversation of Institutions and our current systems. But yes, I’d love to make them more authentic and un-cartel’d from Bankers. One battle at a time, in order of the priority hierarchy. This isn’t the highest priority, surviving these Crises is.


      P.S. The Thesis begins with “Living Men & Women”. Living 😉

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