The America21 Initiative: Localized Activism Against Totalitarianism

You’ve been told there’s no solutions, and the outcome is fixed, so you should just wait around for the end to come, right? That’s nonsense. This isn’t happening at the UN’s Headquarters or even in D.C. it’s happening in your city and county. What you are witnessing happening in America (and across the world) today is not Communism – it’s Technocracy. The Science of Social Engineering, the centralization of all systems, Science, Technology, Economics and Politics (all power & resources). Want to know what it looks like? See China, the world’s first open Technocracy. Where tracking “vaccine” passports are just Social Credit Systems. Don’t obey? Don’t get services and goods. “Covid” is just the battering ram to get through this new Global Governance system, which seeks to end any Individual Freedom and National Sovereignty by 2030. Technocracy will implement Global Governance via Regionalizing America under UN-controlled “Zones”, and the fundamental financial & political structure is actually under the guise of “Climate Change”. Therefore, any political action against “COVID-19” protocols is ultimately temporary, because those mandates are not only not as legally-binding, but are spearheaded by UN Agenda 21, which are UN initiatives vis-a-vis “Sustainable Development”, implemented by your city hall, where you live already.

“If trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace” – Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

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1. Mission Statement

Stop thinking “World”, “West” or even “America”. America21’s aims are America, politically and economically separating from Technocratic State and Federal government’s that ultimately operate under the UN’s initiatives – but your focus needs to be where you live. Think “County” and “City”, only. Global Governance ultimately depends on your County being taken over. This is where you need to resist now.

While I don’t see any ultimate solutions in every part of the Nation, there are some solutions in every part. There are things you can do if you’re in a big ‘blue’ city. Long term though, ‘Middle America’, the mountain and heartland regions, are the future because the political demographics (people with anti-Globalist instincts) have resisted “Sustainable Development” (Technocracy) and “Covid” Tyranny more prominently. States like NY, CA, WA, IL (etc.) have had major city populations complying with “Climate Change” for decades, making it much more politically difficult to repeal for freedom warriors. If we can’t change minds, we must live in freedom with others who want freedom – and allow those who want tyranny to have it.

You are the resistance, and it’s time to step forward – here’s some practical steps you can take to secure our Free future. 

2. Political Freedom Fighters

Tip: Call, Email and Write to Your Councilors, Legislators and Congressman, to speak with us at to discuss the Constitutional necessity in reversing both “Pandemic” and “Sustainable Development” protocols, as a first step.

Before taking any steps, you should thoroughly learn the material provided on 

Agenda 21 and its latter milestone goals of Agenda 2030 are official Global Governance treatises, ratified in various guises and obscure policy names in many regions across America and the world already. Agenda 21 lays the ground for the political framework of Technocracy, which is the end of elected representatives, especially nationally, and the heralding in of “civil partnerships”, a State-to-Local level initiative of politicians and corporate stakeholders. It’s the end of Representative Government, and the end of Free Nations.

Repealing this begins at your city hall, here’s the formula:

  1. Your city or county + “2030” (e.g. Missoula 2030, Venice 2030, Plan Bay Area 2030)
  2. “Sustainable Development” 
  3. “Carbon Neutral (2030, 2035, 2040 and 2050)”

Identify these 3 characteristics and you can begin ending the Endgame. Everything “Covid” related is ultimately leading to “Climate Lockdowns”, i.e., permanent protocols driven by this keyword-legislation. It must be repealed, otherwise counties in America will become regions of the Global State. You can discuss this with your local representatives. 

Remember: these people want to keep their jobs, once you’ve made this situation clear to your local community – reinforce the message to your local executives, such as councilors and mayors, that they are in danger of losing their jobs (being voted out), then they may be inclined to act. The bigger the city, the more difficult this is to pull off, hence; location matters. Make it clear that the legislators are in danger of breaking their Constitutional oath with Article IV, Section IV of the Constitution (see “Global Governance Presentation to Republican Party” under Learn tab on for more).

3. Independent Voices, Independent Media 

An easier one, but a critical one. America21 is driven to hit policy makers across the Nation to hold ground in freedom strongholds. We began with a presentation in Montana at the GOP convention, and have seen the Governor end Climate Membership just weeks later. This is more symbolic than permanent, but a huge step forward none-the-less. Our work requires exposure, therefore, we need you to contact your favorite podcasts and radio shows, requesting my (Marc Malone’s) appearance. If we don’t continue to get the word out to the people who need to hear this message, we won’t be able to continue growing locally across the Nation where it matters most. We also need the media, those that are Conservative, pro-America, Christian or pro-Freedom to begin this conversation about solutions.

You can request they reach out to us at

Take the Power Back Locally: Economy and Supply Chains

A fundamental route to freedom among the incoming totalitarianism is setting up local economics and supply chains. This will mean finding a store that is (most likely) a little off the high street that will serve you consistently without masks or vaccine passports, setting up a bar in your garden and inviting people you know round there instead of going out, and utilizing the Local Food Finder, Eatwild, to get a hold of meat, dairy and eggs from local farms all across America. 

All those that value Freedom are now an “in-group”. Similar to how you’ll find ethnic shops and areas of town that cater to one another specifically, we must take a similar approach to dealing with “our own” first, buying & selling to “our own”, and parting with money to Globalists (people or corporations) only when absolutely necessary. This is how we will retain some control over how things play out, regardless of “Mandates”. Pay the extra $1 at the independent coffee shop, and make a friend of the barista. Pay the extra $10 for the local meat, and have a safe supply (tastier & healthier anyway) when they force supply chains to break down to reinforce austerity to the wider population.

Local Food, Eatwild:

Building Tribe and Networking

The way out is all community driven at the end of the day, so building new tribe (we’re all having to do this now, since this began) will be necessary. Network with local “freedom fighters” online via social media, and then meet up in person. When there’s a protest, take down contact info and stay in touch later. Do not create unnecessary divisions (religion or race) when people are already on your side. We’re not in ‘peace time’ anymore, we are all we have left. Be smart about who you spend your time with, and those who are worthwhile to be around, ensure you provide value to build each other up rather than break each other down.

Navigating the Vaccine and Tracking (Passports) 

Mandates are not Laws, but to evade them successfully we must prove a legal case, such as proving non-emergency to reinforce our Constitutional rights. In the short term one place to look is with the Gab form for exemption below, if you’re in trouble at work – you could make them fire you (don’t quit), and request a notice of liability for any mandatory vaccinations, placing the burden on them instead of you. You can use the full force of the law in every scenario. You could also prove non-emergency, consequently utilizing the Fourth Amendment for Privacy on any medical procedures.

Vaccine Exemption Form (For Christians): ​​

Legal Resources

Alfonse Faggiolo:

Dr. Frederick Graves:


It’s going to be a long ‘war’ here. We’ll get there in the end, with discipline (critical), patience, faith and self-compassion. Rome wasn’t built in a day either, but it was built. While we’re building something new and separate from Technocracy, it’s vital we find daily peace and remain centered on an individual basis too, however that finds you, make sure you find it. 


Information is for educational purposes only, and is not prescriptive. America21 and its members do not necessarily advocate for any and/or all third parties’ views & resources presented. Always consult with a Legal professional. Views (however provable and documented) are my own, individuals of the public are responsible for their own position, and for fact-checking claims.

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