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HUGE NEWS – just as the Globalist-Technocracy apparatus via the UN, WEF, World Bank and their subsidiary Corporate Stakeholders like Blackrock, control Political Destiny via “Goals” first, e.g. Sustainable Development Goals (achieving Agenda 2030), so too do we need a principle guideline for America-First mechanisms to achieve Sovereignty, thus Freedom. That guideline is the America for the 21st Century Political-Philosophy, where we Withdraw from Globalist Agreements at the State level and reclaim Self-Determination as a people. Our State is the most effective “in” on policy because frankly, most of the private sector’s clout is Corporations, dead entities, that already don’t have a stake in the Bill of Rights or Constitution and are therefore not obliged to even offer the olive branch to you in reciprocity. They are incentivized towards Globalism to increase profits in an open-border, unrestrictive world (though that’s far from the truth of how things will play out).

I obviously understand the mistrust people have for politics in general, but this shows a deep philosophical blindspot on the part of the criticizer: a lack of personal accountability in allowing Evil to take control in the first place. The State is merely a vehicle, it is like a car, driven under DUI can result in death and pain, driven under sobriety can result in reaching a preferred destination. It’s your choice which, but someone is driving the car – idealism, utopianism and abstract ‘principle’ will not keep the psychopathic predator at bay, only the use of every available resource can stave off the dark times ahead. That resource, as demonstrated below, is possible to be aligned with “God, Family, Country” again.

D.C. is captured, and remains off the agenda because of the depths of compromise it currently sinks to. However, your State, you have a say in if you take that initiative, the “they’re all the same” statement makes zero sense when taking into account the States that rejected all things COVID while many did not.

With extremely limited resources at our disposal, yet, with significant progress in peeling back this Technocratic Goliath’s progress, I hope above all else, that you don’t lose Faith, and remember that we use whatever tools are available to us in the Restoration and Completion of American Independence. We need to replicate and scale the below across America to Save America From Global Governance. History is being made, and you’re part of it.

Glory to our Father, Creator.

The following was overwhelmingly adopted and unanimously supported by the Republican Party Policy in the State of Montana (majority Government) in July 2022.

“National Sovereignty

The Republican Party vehemently opposes all efforts by Foreign entities, whether the United Nations, World Economic Forum, or other Corporate organizations, to impose on the National Sovereignty of the United States in their pursuit of any form of Global Governance.”

“Social Engineering

We stand strongly against any government entity depositing public funds in any financial institutions that uses Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) or other Social Engineering criteria to discriminate against the Free Will of individuals or businesses. We vehemently oppose the establishment and utilization of any private or governmental systems that establishes the practices and practical use of a “social credit score”. We oppose surveillance stalking of American citizens who are not under any form of lawful investigation or subject to any open warrants. Lawful use of warrant-based surveillance obtained through courts as a result of reasonable probable cause may be used by law enforcement, but unrestricted monitoring of citizens’ movements and the storage and retaining of that data in any format constitutes “surveillance stalking” and violates an individual’s right to privacy.

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  1. Thank you for alerting us to this beacon of hope, Marc. We will highlight this down under in New Zealand, where the Global Agenda is being felt very hard. Keep up the good work.

      • Marc Malone

      • 1 year ago

      Thanks, know it’s tough down there, locally needs to be the focus – I’m with you guys in Spirit.

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