I appeared twice on Statewide Radio Montana Talks with Aaron Flint, where we got to cover (briefly) what the Great Reset actually is – Agenda 21, and how “Covid” protocols fit into its dystopian vision.
Stew Peters’ #1 show featured us to discuss EXITING Global Governance

I joined my mate Rich on his podcast for the Ickonic Channel (featuring and run by David Icke and his family) to discuss the Philosophical roots of the Global State, Climate Change & Agenda 21/2030, and our way out of it ideologically and politically.

Was happy to join Charlie Robinson on Macroaggressions who has done a lot of work in the ‘Truth Movement’ for quite some time. We got deeper into political activism and solutions here.

“Marc Malone is on a mission to save America from global governance. From Agenda 21/2030 to the COVID psychological operation, people are starting to connect the dots between all of these globalist agendas. Long gone are the days where these people could quietly plot their vision for a one-world government without the prying eyes of the general public.

One of the important adjustments that the psychopaths behind the scenes have made is to start to focus on local government as a pressure point that makes the sort of changes they wish to enact happen much faster. Marc is targeting specific communities that have a fighting chance against these powerful forces, and what he has found is that the people will decide just how much they allow things to actually change.

Funny that it took a Brit to wake up Americans to the freedoms that they are losing on a daily basis.”

With Dan Capp, we got into a more UK-focused run down of the “pandemic” Tier-systems, resembling the exact type of Global Governance regionalization necessary for the continued political roll-out of Agenda 21 (under localized 2030 SDG’s).

Most recently with Jay, we got deeper into the actual Global Governance hierarchy via Agenda 21, and how Technocracy is the means that will make it all happen. How psychologically people have been “re-imagined”, but critically – we go into localized solutions.

Had a great chat with Ricky Varandas on Ripple Effect recently, it’s really one of the best podcasts around, listen at links below. We cover the Globalist plan’s hierarchy in clear, concise detail – with localized solutions on how you can counter everything that is currently happening at its core.

Had the pleasure of speaking to Gareth Icke from Ickonic about how Global Governance affects the United Kingdom same way as America, snippet from the interview here.

Union of the Unwanted – I joined a roundtable of speakers, authors, and podcasters, to lead a conversation on Agenda 2030.

Union of the Unwanted –

Was a pleasure to join the Truthzilla guys and gal over at Infowars’ Banned.Video – we talked localized solutions to a localized-global-governance problem.

Alex Tsakiris from Skeptico invited me on to discuss “opting out of the Great Reset”. Politically, formally, and retaining National (State) Sovereignty.

Loved my discussion with Lindsay from Rogue Ways. Open dialogue covering all things God, Spirituality, Psychology, and Political Endgames.

Sam Tripoli invited me on to discuss the “Trauma & Chaos of the Ruling Class”. This one is a “banger”!
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